Traditional Rigging are well known for their knowledge of traditional gaff rigged working boats, particularly Pilot Cutters. Jay spends much of his time off sailing Falmouth Working boats and Pilot Cutters Marian and Breeze.

Pilot Cutters Breeze, Edith Grey, Mowenna and Mischief in Underfall Yard

Breeze, Edith Grey, Morwenna & Mischief

Pilot Cutters built by R-B Boatbuilding in Underfall Yard, Bristol. 

  • New rig design and installation
  • Consultancy on mast and spar design and construction
  • Bespoke standing and running rigging
  • Running maintenance programme 

Breeze was fitted with traditional Lignum Vitae deadeyes designed and made by Traditional Rigging. The metalwork was forged by the local blacksmith in Underfall Yard 'Fire Iron Art'.

Polly Agatha Cockwells Pilot Cutter

Merlin & Polly Agatha

Replica Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters built by Cockwells in Falmouth, Cornwall.

  • Both vessels were new builds with full rig installations 

Merlin's rig was a contemporary take on a historically accurate design combining modern materials with traditional methods.

Polly Agatha was rigged more traditionally using galvanised wire and fittings.

Hesper Working Sail Pilot Cutter


Hesper was the fourth Pilot Cutter built by Luke Powell of Working Sail in Gweek, Cornwall. 

  • Standing rig installation.

Hesper's top ends were made in the workshop in Bristol. The mast was dressed and stepped on site in Gweek with the bottom ends rigged in situ. 

Pegasus Pilot Cutter


Pilot Cutter built by Bristol Classic Boat Company designed by Naval Architect Ed Burnett for The Island Trust in 2008.

  • Standing rig hand spliced in the workshop and installed in situ 
Pilot Cutter Marian


Original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter restored in 2001 by David Walkey in Gweek, Cornwall.

  • New rig design and installation 
  • Seasonal de-rig and re-rig (involves taking down all running rig for maintenance)
  • Block and wire inspection and refurbishment.