Traditional Rigging have a wealth of experience working on a variety of Tall Ship rigs. This is predominantly maintenance and restoration work, often on ships of great historical value.  Below is a selection of Square Rigged Tall Ships that Traditional Rigging have worked on over the years. 

Cutty Sark - HMS Gannet - Earl of Pembroke - SS Great Britain


HMS Victory

Initial surveys and an intensive maintenance programme revealed that the HMS Victory needed a complete de-rig. This required a full team of rope access technicians and extensive crane work. 

  • Removal of all running rigging
  • Removal of yards, spars & masts
  • All Standing rigging bar the lower masts

All work contracted out by Ian Bell of Bell Rigging. 

Kaskelot rigging and mast restoration
the golden hind mast
the matthew bristol


Kaskelot underwent a complete restoration in 2014. 

Traditional Rigging were involved in the initial de-rig of the yards and again to complete standing rig splicing & seizing.

The Golden Hinde

Running rig maintenance and maintaining safety standards.



The Matthew

The Matthew is a replica of the boat sailed by John Cabot from Bristol to Newfoundland in 1497. 

Traditional Rigging  performed a rigging maintenance schedule between 2010-2014. 

TS Pelican

TS Pelican

New rig installation of a pioneering design based on Xebec rig, allowing Pelican to sail closer to the wind than any Tall Ship had done previously. 

HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior

Half Moon replacement alongside a thorough running maintenance programme of remedial works.